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Visit the fascinating world of wood!

4 floors full of experiences for all the senses.

My Dolfi. Irresistible in wood.


Dolfi history since 1892: the succession of five generations, development of new technologies and innovations in our Company, more than 120 years old. Cabinet makers' journey from Gardena started with the scent of wood that pervaded the country, from those chips streamers and resinous, and began an appreciated  business beyond Italian borders. Visiting the first floor of museum, visitor is first led to the discovery of  Dolfi's origin and then to the knowledge of wood's characteristics, raw material for our craft, and its various types. Following the path of material from the forest to the wheel, you pass through all intermediate activities, so here's the first prototypes of our products, with the rudimentary tools of production. From here the sculptor began to cut and rough, first with chisels and other cutting tools, then move on by manual finishing. It goes into the construction of objects, nails and glue were used to assemble the various parts of an object, with chisels and gouges were practiced grooves and holes. We must not forget, however, that once the same craftsmen build their own working tools, take for example the clamps to terminals where the "worms" (internal screw) were manufactured using a special tool. Most of the objects in museum are recorded and often cataloged, allowing the visitor to know the year of dating, provenance and the designer of artifacts. Visiting Museum is free and is addressed to individual students and visitors.