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Visit the fascinating world of wood!

4 floors full of experiences for all the senses.

My Dolfi. Irresistible in wood.


Here we propose homedecorations and furnishings: cutlery, candles, lamps, crystal vases, air fresheners, frames, lanterns and flowers in hand-painted wood. There are many types of painting techniques, which differ in both materials and tools you can use and the surfaces on which work is performed. In any case, each object in hand-painted wood acquires its own identity because it's never possible to make two alike. This is the great feature of our products. Other supports for painting that you will find are paper, metal, glass, cloth and any other surface able to maintaining color permanently; anyway a possible degradation of picture in a short time would be, more than a painting, an artistic performance. Painting on wood remains one of our most delicate and artistic events. In Dolfi decor you can find the ideal inspiration for your gifts.