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Visit the fascinating world of wood!

4 floors full of experiences for all the senses.

My Dolfi. Irresistible in wood.


In Dolfi Chalet you can find wooden furniture for house and hotel, with endless inspiration for interior design of your space, designed by our own design study . The designer studies the composition of furniture, which are fixed or mobile, and is motivated by several factors, both aesthetic and functional. Firstly, the use that will be made, leads to the creation of the object, the placement of those which are the various scores and diaphragms. After division we design the placement of the functional elements and its insertion in the environment, its characterization on the basis of one or more styles related to each other, study of living space, dimensioning ergonomic and creation of theoretical routes, to realize a fruition pleasant space. The new Dolfi secret is offer what people want, quality products at an affordable price. Other keys to the success of our items, with the quality / price ratio, are an original design, a wide range of customization and an even semi-craft job that allows the application of ancient and traditional methods with new technologies.