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Visit the fascinating world of wood!

4 floors full of experiences for all the senses.

My Dolfi. Irresistible in wood.

Dolfi's story since 1892

DOLFI is a successful brand, rooted in the traditions of a land full of emotions: the Val Gardena in the heart of the Dolomites, as well as a family that respects the traditions and values that have given rise to this brand.

The story of the Family Comploi and brand Dolfi, begins in the first half of 1800, when Franz Comploi, founder of the company,   started his profession as a sculptor.
The grandson Adolf, nicknamed by all with the nickname Dolfi, it inherits the talent and tireless dedication and passion begins to know the company in Northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Bavaria.
Soon Adolf was joined by his son Willi, who, with his wife Annamaria, further expanding the company helping to make Dolfi one of the most important business centers of Val Gardena, that  is now known all over the world.

In 2002, Monica and Matthew Comploi, for years in the business and still accompanied by their parents Willi and Anna, detect Dolfi, bringing their dynamic new life to the oldest brand.
So, in 2008, the new headquarters Dolfiland that Matthew Comploi designed so enthusiastically taking care to the smallest details, ushering in the new modern production facility, logistics and marketing, which shows, in its total 45.000 square meters, the new showroom spaces,  opened to the public.

Dolfi offers a wide range of sculptures Sacred and Profane, Gifts & Presents, creations of furniture and accessories, small works of art, jewelry, respecting the traditions acquired over the years, with full experience and love.